Short review of new iPods

The new iPods are released for a while now. And Microsoft just announce Zune 2. I think it is time for me to do a short review on the new iPods.

iPod Touch: 3 out of 5 stars.
Revolutionary user interface with multi-touch. Big screen. Wi-Fi and Safari web browsing. Over-the-air music purchasing.
Very limited storage not good for storing videos. No wireless sync. Cannot input Calendar items. Does not support 3rd party applications. No bluetooth. No microphone. Apple evilly and intentionally made iPod touch a very limited device.
Bottom line:
It is a fancy device and does what it can do very well.

iPod Classic: 2 out of 5 stars
Larger storage, cheaper and metal case, enhanced user interface
Only black and silver color option. NO bigger screen, NOT compatible with older iPod games, NO higher resolution, NO any kind of wireless, has not changed much for over 2 years, and that’s the worst thing ever.

iPod nano: 3 out of 5 stars
Bigger screen. Ability to play video. Will have games. Color is okay. Cheaper while larger storage. Enhanced user interface.
Fat form factor is not as charming as previous version. Color is okay but not vibrant as previous version. Polished metal back prone to scratches, a step back from previous version. Nothing really exciting.

iPod Shuffle 2nd gen
Remain unchanged. Even the price. Boo! Apple should have lowered at least $10 for the shuffle.

Overall the current product line of iPods are very disappointing. Without the halo, it is barely competitive in terms of specs.

One thought on “Short review of new iPods”

  1. 你所列举的对 ipod classic 的缺点在我这儿都是优点,没有无线上网就能省电还能保持整个系统更稳定,我这儿不能下载游戏,和我没啥关系,基本上那功能本来就是废的。无线上网其实在中国也是废的,没人会那么傻b花好多钱去要那点可怜速度,不排除极端分子。没有更好的显示屏可能是个不好,但一个是本来也够用了,而且和原来的ipod是一样,但价格要低些。


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