Q&A About Tibet, and Chinese politics

Why Chinese always feel frustration when talking about issues such as Tibet and Taiwan with westerners? And what do I think is the solution to many problems in China.

Frustration came from the inability to communicate because most Americans don’t know enough truth to make reasonable judgement. Frustration came from when CNN talks about Chinese government brutally suppress and kill Tibetans, they are broadcasting videos from India or Nepal. Frustration came from Westerners will always argue China “invaded” Tibet 58 years ago, while Tibet has been under China sovereign for over 700 hundred years. (No need to argue about this, if you want to just believe what you heard on BBC, CNN or whatever, I won’t stop you.)

I know that there Tibet was largely and traditionally autonomous throughout most of the time when it was under sovereign of China. So why did China has to send army to Tibet in 1950, and sort of break this “tradition”? It is largely because of the threat from the western world, especially from USA. USA interfered with Chinese civil war, so government of Republic of China can flee to Taiwan and the civil war was interrupted by USA military interference. However, in 1949 China finally sort of finished civil war, after over 100 years of being invaded by the western world. It was time for China to stand up and get together. Chinese dare not to lose control of any part of China after been bullied for so long. China at that time may be unable to cross the straight and finish the civil war, but the US was unable to interfere with re-taking control of Tibet militarily. Remember, USSR forced PRC government to forfeit the legitimate sovereign of Mongolia. China was threatened everywhere.

Chinese government is not democratic like the western system. It is difficult to say if right away there is free election, who people will vote for. Tibetans may vote against the China Communist Party, but so may many normal Chinese people. But that will not reflect anything because it is a vote after political freedom repression. If every part of China was given western-like democracy for 20 years, Tibetans will most likely vote not to be independent. And yes, I believe if there is another strong party other than CCP, people may vote for them.

The solution about Tibet or many issues in China is a better and more democratic government. Minorities in China enjoyed much more privileges than the majority of Han Chinese. The privileges are way more than Affirmative Action in the USA. But this is most likely a failed policy. Chinese would rather prefer a less democratic government than being split into pieces. So if western world is really willing to help China grow, which I seriously doubt, they will just help China to open instead of accusation. Because an open country will inevitably going towards democracy, under the influence of other countries. Too much sunlight actually close up stomata. If Chinese government feels threatened by opening up, they will be more reluctant to political reform.

Unfortunately, the western government apparently do not want to sincerely help China to grow. Even if China is not a so called “communist country”, they won’t want to. Even Europe and USA fights sometimes. And Europe is not even close to counter USA in any mean. A strong democratic China, to the west, is still a threat in the western minds.

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