Wall-E is an A rated movie!

Wall-E. I finally watched it today. Has been expecting this since Ratatouille. It is an amazing movie. With so little dialogs in this movie, it successful became the best Robot movie ever made, IMO. If you want a moving, touching Robot movie, look no further, A.I. or I, Robot are not comparable.

Aside from everything that’s great, the human plot is the weakest. I often felt it ruined some of the good about this movie. And it is not really convincing. However, an happy ending is always expected for such kind of movie. If only there is an artistic version of Wall-E may we see alternative ending. But I cannot really blame.

So apparently, Ratatouille is probably the best rat movie. Now introducing the best robot movie.

And, to some extend, this movie is indeed, sort of, an Apple commercial.

Oh, I think the soundtrack is nice too. Although sometimes I dislike some reprising at some scenes.

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