Western media mastered the art of propaganda

So, iTunes was promoting the album “Songs for Tibet” and caused resentment among Chinese both overseas and in China. A couple of days ago, iTunes Store was blocked by China. It was a big deal for the western media because they found another thing they can attack.

Today Associated Press reported from Beijing, that,

Blocked iTunes users poured out their frustration on Internet bulletin boards.

“It seems like suspending iTunes is punishment for iTunes, but really it doesn’t hurt iTunes, it hurts us,” said a note on macfans.com.cn, a Chinese site for Apple users.

I was totally surprised. So I went to macfans.com.cn and found out that, the main thread talking about the block, people are NOT complaining it is blocked. Chinese people on this forum agreed iTunes should pay for this. What they actually said were like this:

Oh, I thought it was my software’s problem I cannot access it.

This time Apple did something inappropriate, there’s nothing we can say now.

This time they (the great firewall) reacted too slow.

Isn’t it on iTunes before the olympics? They are too slow to react.

They deserved it by violating Chinese law and regulation; the block came too late!

Apple has no common sense and made a big mistake.


Apple doesn’t care about Chinese people.

I demand the custom ban all Apple products from import. Show Steve Jobs we mean business!

In Jobs’ eyes there is no Chinese market. He doesn’t care.

I support the ban.

If there is content on MobileMe that supports Tibet independence, it should be banned too.

and many more like these.

So I have yet to see anyone who is actually annoyed by the ban. Totally different from what AP reported. Yet, Americans will believe whatever they read. And they will call Chinese brainwashed if we don’t believe what their media like AP says. Because western media has mastered the art of propaganda.

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