App developers have no special privileges

Daring Fireball: One Star Reviews Flood ‘Monument Valley’ Following Paid Expansion Release

I don’t understand this mentality. I see this often: app developers complain that people don’t pay up. But what gives them the privilege to complain about this?

There are a lot of people doing great work & have family to support & they don’t get paid enough. There is no such thing as app developer privilege that allows app developers to be exempt from almost everybody’s desire to pay less for things, and not to get their money suckled.

People don’t pay for music. They pirate and stream. They go to YouTube. Musicians and workers in the music industry have families too. They do real work too. We scientists work more than most regular jobs, and we have families and ourselves to feed. Our work is more significant to humanity than these game developers. We don’t bitch nearly enough. Nor do we feel like we have such privilege that people must pay up!

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