Asian Enrollment in US Elite Schools Throttled

eliteenrollment-large asians-large


It is no secrete that Asians are having a bamboo ceiling in the US. It starts early and persist into their careers. Elite schools in the US, aside from those in California (due to state law that banned consideration of race for college admission), seem to have artificially limited their Asian enrollment to about 15%. Recently, Harvard and U. North Carolina were sued for discriminating against Asians.

From this chart, it looks like even though Jewish Americans, also considered outperforming, are not really experiencing the same thing as Asians are experiencing. But historically, Jewish American were discriminated against. Asians may need to fight for their rights as Jewish Americans did. Jewish Americans are powerful force in the US academia. Perhaps that’s why nobody dare to say they need to limit them during admission. And most Jewish Americans are considered white. So perhaps it is the non-Jewish white Americans paying a price, or being less excellent. I don’t know what it is.


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