On Marco and Apple Software Quality Decline

I saw the Marco blog post moments after it was published. I also saw it spreading like wildfire today: a lot of press coverage. I knew Marco wouldn’t be pleased with how it turned out. And he indeed wrote up another post to reflect on this. I was going to see what he said on Twitter but didn’t follow through the search. Twitter is too much for me nowadays.

My opinion is this.

Maybe he did use words too harsh, but overall he was correct. He spoke my mind. I immediately shared that post. I have also been complaining about it with friends for at least a year. I talked about this with people around me already a number of times. Not just me, other people chimed in too. Even Macdailynews posted an open letter about this (although it felt like they were riding on Marco’s back but I am sure they also completely agreed). The only problem was, Marco was too famous already. So the “Apple is doomed” sensationalism naturally built on top of it. If he is less famous it would have just stayed within the Apple enthusiastic circle.

But the positive thing is, after all these media attention, even though Marco doesn’t want to be associated with it, I think maybe Apple and Cook will finally pay attention to this big problem.

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