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Mobilebackups.trash somehow make its app folder not immutable, so that sometimes it causes problem when deleting it from Time Machine backups.

I am somehow having problem on El Capitan 10.11 beta that local Time Machine backups are taking all my spaces. So I disabled it but have problem emptying the trash. And it is

This is the command to use:

> chflags noschg # this removes system immutable flag

> chflags nouchg # this removes the user immutable flag

In my case I used chflags -R noschg/nouchg .Mobilebackup.trash

Finally got my SSD space back.

On Marco and Apple Software Quality Decline

I saw the Marco blog post moments after it was published. I also saw it spreading like wildfire today: a lot of press coverage. I knew Marco wouldn’t be pleased with how it turned out. And he indeed wrote up another post to reflect on this. I was going to see what he said on Twitter but didn’t follow through the search. Twitter is too much for me nowadays.

My opinion is this.

Maybe he did use words too harsh, but overall he was correct. He spoke my mind. I immediately shared that post. I have also been complaining about it with friends for at least a year. I talked about this with people around me already a number of times. Not just me, other people chimed in too. Even Macdailynews posted an open letter about this (although it felt like they were riding on Marco’s back but I am sure they also completely agreed). The only problem was, Marco was too famous already. So the “Apple is doomed” sensationalism naturally built on top of it. If he is less famous it would have just stayed within the Apple enthusiastic circle.

But the positive thing is, after all these media attention, even though Marco doesn’t want to be associated with it, I think maybe Apple and Cook will finally pay attention to this big problem.

Apple Watch


有些观点和我雷同。比如,显然Apple Watch $349的是Sport。他猜测的普通版(蓝宝石,不锈钢)高达$999。个人认为高了。我觉得应该会是在$499-$699之间。


18k金的Apple Watch,他猜测$4999,乃至$10,000都有可能。我觉得如果真的是实心的18k金外壳的话,那么肯定至少是$2000。如果真的是$5000的话,感觉苹果一年能卖出十万部就很了不起了。这是5亿美元的销售额。如果真的是$5000的话,我之前也想过,也许核心是可以升级的。否则用户怎么justify买一个手臂上的电脑,过两年就彻底失去前沿性?Gruber也猜测,如果不可以升级,那么苹果可能会给trade-in。花了这个价钱,那么用户肯定是期望很高的客服的,所以提供定制计算机部分升级,也不为过。本来也是设计的“computer on a chip”然后封装得很好。但是说实话如果销量跟不上的话,专门做这个定制升级模块,成本也是很高。可能卖$5000,升级内核部件需要$500以上:比买新的sport还贵,但是得提供贵宾式服务。


Gruber认为苹果是否in trouble关键是Apple Watch的功能和软件到底如何。目前我们并不是很清楚它究竟可以干些什么,第三方软件支持到底怎么样,是否是真正的独立计算机,虽然需要iPhone来完成通信等功能。如果功能很局限,那么确实是很难一炮打响。不排除二代突飞猛进,但是如果是这样,买家又如何能够为第一代的18k金的Apple Watch买单呢?

是的,苹果的电脑是最好的个人电脑,苹果的手机是最好的手机,苹果的iPod是最好的MP3。苹果的iPad是最好的平板电脑。但是,苹果的Apple Watch到底会不会是最好的手表呢?如果不是,至少必须是最好的智能手表吧?


Mac开启了back to my mac的话,你的Mac已经获取了一个icloud网址。


dns-sd -E

-> btmm
–> members
—> ##########



Finally fixed my OS X Lion Spotlight and Mail full-text search

I have been suffering from mainly unable to search full-text of my emails for a couple of months. I also recently noticed that Spotlight is not searching my PDFs in my user directory. But it can find other files. I tried to fix the Mail full-text search problem numerous times, but it did not work, such as by simply reset Spotlight indexes.

Today I finally fixed it by following instructions here. Basically, you have to boot into recovery mode and open terminal, type in “resetpassword”, select your main user, and instead of changing password, select reset ACL at the bottom.

After reboot that did not immediately solve my problem. So I deleted “*” and “” from ~/Library/Preferences. Also, I tried some other commands from Terminal, which I tried before, such as hdutil -E -i off/on ~/

See detailed discussion here. Note that “on/off” above means that you turn off and then turn back on.

Anyway finally it solved my problem. I think it is a combination of a few causes. My user folder permission was definitely kind of broken. But now I am so used to Sparrow Lite email client, I am not sure whether I want to go back to





我看了之后的感觉是,和当初的Courier,微软的未来研发变成了Adobe After Effect形式的ppt战场。难道是传说中的印度人当道的结果?从这个视频来看,可见微软根本不考虑“可用性”。比如把菜谱映射到厨房桌面上,真的是实用的吗?真的做饭做菜的都知道,厨房表面很容易就摆满了材料和厨具。而且视频里很多hologram都是啥啊?怎么实现,有意义吗?Courier的操作也极其复杂,learning curve可以想像,和iPad的两岁小孩也会用根本不可同日而语。


关于微软的Metro UI

今天终于找到了能够总结我对Metro UI的观点的评论:

1. “regarding Windows Phone ’07, Apple offers “a better-designed UI that doesn’t continuously destroy users’ visual memory.”

2. The sameness made it impossible to find anything. Why anyone would revert to vague and homogeneous tiles from highly identifiable icons is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps someone thinks it’s more artsy.”

3. “People sense something is wrong. The miserable sales of the Phone 7 products reflect the user sensitivity,” Dvorak writes. “So what does Microsoft do? It pushes the same bad idea to the new OS. Win 8 will be a
huge disappointment if Microsoft insists that these metro tiles are a good idea.”

“When you look at your desktop screen, how do you find the program you are looking for? You look for distinctive icons using your human ability to recognize patterns. It’s what we do best,” Dvorak writes. “We are so good
at this that we can identify an upside down icon. Mac takes the icon approach to interesting and useful extremes. Even document icons are miniature and identifiable shrunken images of the title page. This is extremely useful.”


使用安猪Atrix的第三天到第五天 Part1

Part 1主要谈备份和程序商店

因为没有sync备份的功能,所以不知道如何备份。发现安猪市场里面有一些备份软件,可以备份到SD卡。昨天我在iTunes里面建了一个播放列表,后来用doubletwist同步到了SD卡上。所以SD卡上没空间。也可以备份到Dropbox。不过这个Titanium Backup Pro才支持这些功能,软件也不便宜。算不算hidden cost?我感觉iPhone只要是和iTunes sync的话我就不用担心备份问题。以后有iCloud也应该会方便很多,还有wifi的备份功能了。后来在设置里面找到了有关备份到Google Server的问题,也许已经备份到云里去了?这一点不是很清楚。


不防比较一下Android Market里面最热卖软件和App Store里的有什么区别。
1. Beautiful Widget: 可以在桌面上摆放很多不同的时钟,天气预报等信息。$2.83
2. ROM manager: “所有破解root安猪用户的必备”,做备份,刷ROM。$5.86
3. 水果忍者 $1.26
4. WeatherBug Elite $1.99
5. Robo Defense 塔防游戏 $2.99
6. Root Explorer 文件管理 $3.88
7. Titanium Backup Pro 备份软件 $5.94
8. PowerAMP 音乐播放器 $5.16
9. Better Keyboard and Unlock Key: 系统修改 $2.99
10. Documents To Go $14.99
11. Doodle Jump $0.99
12. SetCPU for root user: 破解用户用来超频等的工具 $1.99
13. Talking Tom Cat $0.99
14. ADWLauncher EX $3.28 彻底修改更换桌面

1. PowerAMP音乐播放器 $4.99
2. Titanium Backup Pro $6.88
3. Root Explorer文件管理$3.99
4. ROM manager (Premium) $5.86破解用户的必备
5. PicSay Pro 照片编辑 $3.99
6 Beautiful Widgets $2.89
7. SwiftKey键盘 $1.99
8. XDA Premium $0.99 破解用户的良友
9. MyBackup Pro $4.99 备份软件
10. DocumentsToGo
11. SoundHound $4.99
12. Talking Tom Cat
13. Weather Bug
14. SetCPU 超频
15. Shazam Encore


1-7, 9, 10, 12-18游戏,$0.99-$1.99
8 健身, 11, Camera+, 19, Whatsapp, 20. FatBooth, 21-25 游戏




1-5, 游戏
6. Facebook
7-8, 游戏
9. Talking Tom Cat 2
10-12, 游戏
13. Pandora
14-19, 21, 24, 25 游戏
20. Skype
22. Netflix

1. Kakao Talk 通讯工具
2. Google Maps
3. Flash Player 10.3
4. Facebook
5. YouTube
6. Pandora
7. 星座
8. Whatsapp
9. StreetView on Google Maps
10. GasBuddy 加油省钱秘诀
11. 藏照片的软件,比如有色照片
12. 高级杀任务工具
13. Shazam
14. Google语音搜索
15. 世界报纸
16. Google翻译
17. Google星空图
18. 文件管理
19. barcode扫描
20. Twitter
21. Dropbox
22. Tagged android app
23. TuneIn Radio
24. Music
25. Adobe Reader

余下还有天气预报,新闻,Gmail, Google Search, 文件管理器,圣经,Movies, Google Earth等。
网页上稍有不同,但是大多数还是Google的程序,外加电池管理,Yahoo Mail, 免费的手机安全软件,个别游戏。




1. 剪切板历史记录。很好。
2. 1GB的内存很大,818MB可用,内存里可以放很多程序。只要他们不怎么消耗电池,这个我是无所谓。程序切换比较快。相比之下,iOS设备的内存一直较少。虽然iOS程序和系统往往更流畅,但是物理限制决定驻留内存程序有限,程序切换的时候更多时候需要程序重启。


1. 四个按钮。






2. 音乐媒体播放

amazon MP3可以播放云音乐,也可以播放本地文件,功能上还是不错的。可惜播放云音乐不够流畅,不时还有爆音,好似CD轨道划伤,让人不得不叹息amazon对细节一向的不注意不追求,用户体验之差。好在可以扫描本地文件,至少也是按照metadata给我Organize了,也算庆幸没有让我去找文件,找文件夹,略感欣慰。

总之,显然,这些都是iPod。界面,操作,各方面,都让我回想起以前的generic MP3 vs iPod的感受。

3. 音乐同步




自带的邮件软件比较差,虽然可以比较容易的添加各种电邮帐号,但是用起来比iOS差很多。更让人匪夷所思的是,gmail是单独的程序,不在universal inbox里面。这是神马设计?难道这不是真正的脑残?

最近一个老牌软件Miro更新了支持同步安猪手机。于是下载来看看。所以顺带review一下Miro。以前Miro是以可以下载BT,管理视频,看网络电视著称。跨平台,但是一直不是很流行。最近可以管理音乐了。它扫描你的iTunes library,导入音乐。但是浏览音乐的模式很脑残。貌似没有分栏查找的功能。全部列在一个窗口里。要么是文字列表,要么是莫名其妙的超长列表,每行一首歌,每行占据很大空间的显示方法。

那么怎么同步呢?很难像iTunes那样选择几张专辑来同步。 我可以文本搜索某艺人,专辑,然后选中拖到手机或手机上的SD卡上,然后它同步。可惜同步到SD卡速度较慢。然后一次同步操作完成之前,没有办法拖更多音乐过去。表明这个软件实在是原始。貌似也没有以后自动更新这些文件的能力。所以很失望。DoubleTwist不知道是否会好一些。决定这几天试一下。

有些程序都是自己放在后来定期链接服务器看有没有新消息。这个很不可靠,速度也很慢,比起iOS的Push notification实在是差了很多。比如我用TextPlus,对方回复之后我的iPad马上受到提示。但是Atrix至少延迟两三分钟。如果后台程序更频繁链接服务器查询新消息,那么估计电池也吃不消。所以再次感叹,Push notification好。据说骨骼很快也要支持类似服务。好吧,互相抄吧。



第一,蓝牙连接福特Sync系统成功。但是大约三四首歌之后,链接断开了,然后atrix开始用外放喇叭开始循环播放这张专辑每首歌的一两秒。车上台湾mm也无语了,我只好说没办法,安猪系统不好,她有ipad 2所以还能理解。用的是songbird程序,开车,只好快速杀掉两个进程也无用。让mm把手机静音也没用。到达目的地之后打开android assistant还是做了什么操作就突然好了。

之后又发现指纹识别完全没反应了。于是只能重启。android assistant说开机时间超过两分钟。开机加载项花了一分钟。还好没有给我算开机速度全国排名百分比。


晚上朋友有iphone 4,我也会群体目测了一下屏幕。昨天我写的,今天更新的屏幕细节问题,得到验证。iphone4屏幕确实细腻很多。atrix屏幕的pattern太明显。


果轮用惯了iPhone,从第一代iPhone开始用到iOS 4.3。现在突然决定用用股沟的安猪,到底会怎么样呢?

果轮选择了机身大小和iPhone差不多的4寸屏幕的Motorola Atrix 4G(简称Atrix),一个伪4G手机。果轮将把它和iPhone 3GS和iPhone 4,iPod touch,iPad做比较,并连续跟踪一段时间。

iPhone 3GS 4/5
iPhone 4 4.5/5

Atrix的外观相当塑料。不算厚。比较轻。手感比较cheap。造型比较简约,较摩托罗拉的Verizon的Droid系列简洁一些。没有什么出格古怪设计。充电口在左侧稍显不方便,特别是考虑如果车驾使用的话,可能会比较别扭。做工很一般。屏幕玻璃可以看出来比iPhone的cheap。手感也不如iPhone,滑动起来更涩。缝隙很多,不过因为后盖可打开。塑料手感不如iPhone 3GS。机子不是很rigid,应该是可以开盖的塑料机的通病。有时候打字或操作的时候用点力,机器会发出受力形变的吱吱声或震动,光是这个,评分就可以扣0.5。




因为我经常位于ATT覆盖很差的地方,我没有发现Atrix的信号比3GS的好at all。


自带浏览器,基于WebKit,但是同是双核1Ghz,跑SunSpider的话,iPad 2的2000多ms,但是Android 2.2.x这个要4000多ms,连600Mhz单核iPhone 3GS都可以跑5000多ms。所以JavaScript速度方面,Android以前的优势没有了。

加载网页速度还不错。明显比iPhone 3GS快。没有和iPad 2比。

不过加载完网页之后,iPhone 3GS滚动流畅,iPhone 4就更没有问题。但是内存和CPU都强很多的Atrix,滚动网页明显不流畅。特别是如果网页里图片较多。如果有Flash,那么就更可怕了。

滚动和动画不流畅是安猪的通病。Atrix已经比我之前遇到过的好很多。App drawer里面滚动基本没有发现不流畅。但是很多其他操作还是明显卡卡的,虽然不如老的安猪手机卡。


1. 有些软键盘不支持多点触摸输入,也就是说按住一个按键不放,你不能输入其他字母。用iPhone习惯之后,你会发现用摩托的安猪打字经常会掉字母。这是因为我们果轮已经不习惯打完一个字母一定要把手指抬起来再按下一个。这个非常不爽。虽然摩托自带支持multi-touch的英文键盘,但是当安装了比如搜狗或QQ输入法之后,这些输入法就不支持。不像iOS那样,所有键盘都支持。

2. 没有屏幕截图功能。没有!安猪市场里面有一些程序,但是和操作系统版本关系很大,而且都需要root了系统才可以。相比之下,iPhone截图太方便,home + power,然后展示某些程序或界面或anything给朋友看都太方便。实在难以想象一个“开放”的系统连这么基本的功能都不具备,匪夷所思!

3. 进程很多。安装了一些东西之后,很多程序都会有后台daemon运行,因为系统没有一个统一的push notification的功能,所以潜在的问题是会多消耗一些系统资源,内存,电池寿命受到一些负面印象。不像iPhone上那样,我可以有50个程序都可以给我push notification,但是在安猪上,如果要这样,基本上意味着至少50个进程必须在后台运行或许数据。加上摩托自己的一些widget,google自己的数据同步服务,可想而知电池寿命会如何。不过电池寿命的问题,我还需要继续观察。

4. 屏幕rotation的问题。iOS上很好办。软件的,iPad的硬件的,都可以。安猪上就不那么容易,需要安装一些东西。进入系统设置修改也可以,但是麻烦。让人吃惊。虽然安猪可以很容易的装上widget开启关闭wifi, 3G, bluetooth这些,而iPhone需要JB之后装SBSettings。

5. “开放”的“自由”的安猪居然很多时候需要root之后才能装第三方程序。我也是费了点力才装上amazon appstore。说实话,这两个都不如App Store好用。



安猪还是比pre-iPhone时代的手机强很多的。如果你要求不高,对细节不挑剔不敏感,没用过iPhone,直接从dump phone到安猪,那么你感到happy的概率应该相当高。因为总的来说,功能上iPhone和安猪差别不是很大了。特别是iOS 5出来之后,差别将更小。


能够安装第三方输入法还是蛮好的一件事情。虽然搜狗和腾讯不支持多点触摸实在让人扫兴。iPhone的英文纠错还不错,iOS 5上据说更好了。一直希望iPhone上的拼音也能纠错。腾讯的安猪拼音输入法就可以了,这个基本上是我想要的东西。




屏幕的话,虽然分辨率基本上和retina差不多,但是dpi确实低一些。虽然可是角度蛮好,明显比iPhone 3GS好,颜色在不同角度也比3GS好很多,但是最大的问题是毛糙的渲染。具体原因不是很清楚,但是灰色背景可以看到有pattern的颗粒。有些时候文字渲染的结果,也是字体边缘有时有些像素直接毛边,而不是很平滑的过度渐变。很多时候看到纯色块里有不少小黑点,应该是液晶pixel的间距。比较差。不知道是安猪的问题,还是这个液晶的问题,因为以前在三星的AMOLED屏幕上看到过类似的问题。但是也见过有blog用放大镜观察三星的AMOLED发现像素间距比iPhone 和iPod touch的retina大不少。iPhone 4是很好的屏幕。iPod touch的像素间距素质应该和iPhone一样,但是可视角度和颜色准确度都不如。3GS的屏幕比这些都差一些。



iPhone 4
iPhone 4 LCD

Moto Atrix LCD
Atrix 4G LCD

Turn your Mac into a WebDAV server

Good news is that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will no longer have a server version. Instead all the server tools will be included in the typical version of Mac OS X.

But strangely, despite Apple’s support for WebDAV across Mac OS X and iOS devices, it is not possible to easily turn your Mac into a WebDAV server. For example, the iWorks app on iPad can export files to WebDAV server. But there is no easy way to export it directly to your Mac, because even though in “sharing” settings you can share your files by AFP, FTP or Samba(Windows), you cannot set up WebDAV share.

So I found this tutorial that have easy to follow steps to turn your Mac into a WebDAV server. Of course if you do not have a static IP address or domain name, you will be in more trouble but I am not going to cover that aspect. I have confirmed that it works with iOS iWork apps. Unfortunately it seems the folder has to be in /Library/WebServer/WenDAV. Luckily you can always hard link it to your working folder somewhere else.

Blu-ray a bag of hurt?

A new blog post by Marco looked at Blu-ray and whether it is a bag of hurt as Steve Jobs puts it.

Well I have to admit that I recently purchased a Philips Blu-ray player. But it was open box and cost less than $90, so the player itself wasn’t too bad. But last weekend I rented a Blu-ray movie to watch and then found out that the extra features are not available because this is a “rental” disk. Basically, I have to pay over $20 for a Blu-ray disk for any additional contents. I would say $20+ for a Blu-ray movie, and rental disk have no extra features, hurts, my feels and would hurt my wallet.

Yes the 1080p resolution looked great on my HDTV. I have Apple TV 2 as well. The 720p rental from iTunes is not that bad compared to 1080p, but definitely not as good. I think currently the iTunes movie rental is also overpriced. $4.99 a pop for a 720p HD recent release. I would not pay for that. I can play Netflix on it too. But the quality is generally even worse.

With net neutrality basically dead, I wonder how much we would have to pay for the greedy entertainment industry in the future?

How Time Flies

There is no Flash on the first gen iPhone in 2007.
It was said that it was because when Adobe showed Apple their Flash Lite or something like that, the performance was so bad that there was not a chance Apple would include it.

It is already 2011, 4 years have passed. Adobe still doesn’t have a decent Flash player for ARM processor and mobile platform.

How time flies, and people don’t get any work done.

Naming a product is difficult

Just read an article that listed a number of things that tablet/slate/pad producers need to do in order to compete with Apple’s iPad. Well, one thing it mentioned was “don’t call it the DiscoSlate 3000”.

Well, obviously smartphone makers are smarter than most MP3 player makers. They have not followed the traditional naming scheme but adopted the more Apple-like scheme. Although I have noticed that it helps, but apparently they have not learned enough. Besides the names of “Android”, “Droid”, “Blackberry” and “Palm”, the other names are really helping much.

Here is an idea. HTC Dream Sapphire Hero Click Bravo Glacier Legend Incredible Espresso Buzz Liberty Supersonic Ace Desire HD7 HD2 Mozart (!??!) EVO…. LG chocolate revolution blablabla

I do not think anyone are able to remember all these names, or would be interested in finding out all the differences between these phones.

Yes, that is my point.

Is Flash really faster? Or are Flash developers bad coders?

Someone made an animation in both HTML5 and Flash, in order to benchmark mobile devices such as iPhone and Android phones.

Google Nexus One performs better than iPhone in terms of HTML5. But that is because Android has JTI and iOS does not allow that for web pages. And the author claims Flash performs better and consumes less battery.

Well true for the HTML5 code he wrote.

Other people have quickly optimized his HTML5 codes to produce animations over twice as fast on my iPhone 3GS.
Exmaple One, Two, and Three.
Basically the original animation performs at 17fps on my iPhone 3GS, and the other three perform at 30-34fps, 40-42fps and 40-42fps respectively.

I do not recall Adobe doubling Flash performance very often for the past 5 years on both Mac and Linux.

The original author seems to be a bad coder, possible typical of all flash developers 🙂

AAC Encoding in Snow Leopard or iTunes 9.x Dramatically Improved?

Figures show it all.



XLD is app on Mac OS X that uses CoreAudio to encode AAC. Basically that’s what iTunes was using.

My parameter for XLD was:
True VBR
Encoder quality: Max
Target quality: ~111
Resulted bitrate is around 256kbps, sometimes over 300kbps

Nero was used for my older encodings
And I used Foobar2000 to encode and choose the best settings I could. And resulted in ~200kbps file.

What does this mean?
I know eventually for SQ we need listen test. But these graph suggest dramatic improvement of compression? Or not.
If it is indeed improvement, I probably have to ditch all my nero encoded files…And redo all the rip and such. Painful!

Safari Windows版(中文)字体解决方案

Safari 4 for Windows已经默认完全采用Windows的字体渲染机制。但是对于我,和其他习惯于Mac OS X字体渲染机制的人来说,就不够好看了。

为了达到和Mac OS X里面可以相比的效果,可以使用以下步骤:

1. 如果使用XP,安装微软雅黑字体。

2. 将下面的文件内容拷贝到纯文本编辑器,比如“记事本”:
/* 雅黑字体 (强制显示) */
* {
font-family: "Lucida Grande", "Microsoft YaHei", "微软雅黑", 宋体, !important;


3. 在Safari的偏好设置里,选择“高级”,在“样式表”项目里,选择刚才保存的这个文件。

4. 安装Lucida Grande字体。下载。如果不喜欢这个字体,可以在上面这个css文件里,把Lucida Grande改为比如Tahoma,或者Arial等你更喜欢的英文字体。这个字体是我在网上找到的修正过的。


另外,Safari 4 for Windows貌似还不能强制只开一个窗口。Mac版可以否忘记了。