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Gran Torino再现美国亚裔stereotype

Clint Eastwood的亚裔笑话和stereotype情节逗得美国白人哈哈大笑。而且所谓亚裔男一号,也是被极度feminize。非常Passive,在家里也是姐姐掌权,缺乏父爱,没有父亲role model,最后要靠白人老头教他如何talk like a man。还反复描写亚裔男一号女生都不会泡,还必须白人老男人来教他如何追女生。

完全fit in传统好莱坞对亚裔的描写。故事主人公是Clint Eastwood扮演的参加过朝鲜战争的老兵,讲述他的心理历程。放在这个亚裔社区作为背景,不知道到底是什么用意。一号亚裔家庭也是一个没有任何成年男子当家的女性家庭:没父亲,没祖父。一号亚裔家庭里的亚裔mm和一个白人男生交往。这个白人男生也比较弱,算是稍微平衡了一下。最后亚裔mm被亲戚带头的gangsters打得破相:在白人文化里,打女人也是极恶的。


Netflix and Blockbuster are in trouble because of iTunes

Today Apple announced that they have sold 5 billion songs. And now they sell or rent over 50,000 movies per day.

A while ago it is said that Netflix has 8 million subscribers. I believe many of those subscribers are not subscribed to unlimited plan. So a conservative estimation is, every customer rents 3 movies a month. That’s 24 million movies per month.

However, Apple sells/rents 50,000 movies a day. That’s 150,000 movies a month. iTunes has a market of 1/160 the size of Netflix. And that’s when iTunes has just started, and iTunes has only a little over 2000 movies, compared to about 100,000 titles of Netflix which is about 50 time bigger. Note that both of them have some quite old titles, so the selection of new titles is not a major issue. That is to say, Apple uses 1/50 of Netflix’s collection, and get 1/160 of Netflix’s rent amount. That’s impressive for a young service.

I used to subscribe to Netflix or Blockbuster. But they are not flexible, as I HAVE to rent a certain amount of movies so that my money is well worth it. Now I don’t have to . I just need iTunes to rent movie when I really need it. With better selection, iTunes will ultimately be a better choice for people who don’t want to watch a certain amount of movies a month.

And yes, Netflix is in trouble. Blockbuster has been in trouble for a long time because of Netflix.