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A break after Tibet, Obama again.

Obama today has revealed the racist side of his white grandmother, who “helped raise” him. His speech today is a damage control measure he has to do, because of his pastor. And he has been with his pastor for 20 years. This is how he described his white grandmother:

…a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.

He refused media to interview his grandmother because of “family privacy”. Now he disclosed his white grandma as racist. Very nice political tricks.

I guess most people are tired of this race. So let me quote someone’s summarization of Obama’s honesty:

Obama’s race does not matter to me. What matters to me is honesty. Obama has been caught in many little lies lately. First there was no meeting in Canada, then there was. First Rezko raised a little money, then a lot. First he never heard any controversial comments from Rev Wright, then he did. Obama’s affiliation controversial figures is divisive, not his race….

And one article from WSJ I find pretty insightful about Obama’s seemingly success.

Is James D. Watson a Racist?

James D. Watson, nobel prize winner for discovering DNA double helix structure, seems to be good at making controversial comments.

Recently he has made comments about how geographically separated races may not have evolved identically, and he was inherently gloomy about the future of Africa. He tends to believe, the intelligence of difference races are not the same, and Blacks may not be the same intelligence as ours (the white).

Apparently this kind of comments are not politically correct in America, in which racist is more of a problem due to the fact of mixed race society. However, I believe Dr. Watson, and other scientists should be entitled the rights to do research on the following issues:

  • Whether difference races show different brain activities depending on the task they are assigned to do, and whether the results have genetic basis?
  • Whether there is connection between these above finding and the history of difference races?
  • If there are differences between races, what does that mean for our world, and what should we do about it on the basis that everyone is equal?

These research are pure science and should NOT be considered racist, although racists could use these findings as reasons for them to be racist. For people who are not doing science, which means pursuit of truth with scientific methods, it may be difficult to understand why we should do science which seems immoral or politically incorrect, and probably that’s why many scientists would not talk about these issues. I believe Dr. Watson is a brave man to talk about this, although he may have done it in an inappropriate way.

Although no strong evidence to support Dr. Watson’s “hypothesis” at this moment, it is not proved wrong either. Science is about proving something is wrong, and accept the rest “correct” as facts because there is no evidence to show it is wrong. Whether different race have different brain activities at the level of molecule, is something can be tested and proven. Whether they act differently for different tasks, can be proven too.

We have accepted physical differences between races. Black can do sports better. We agree Blacks can do music and dance in a much more different way than other races. It is even accepted that the bell curve of penis size of different races are different. Apparently, in US, White and Black guys say Asians have smaller penis (on average, to be scientifically exact, not a generalization for all case-by-case comparisons), do not seem to be racist comments ( or people will not bring it up). So if there are differences between races, in many different aspects, why it cannot be intelligence as well?

Of course, nobody wants to be called “Stupid”. However, differences in intelligence is not just about being smart or stupid. Human intelligence is a very complex thing, and cannot just be measured by SAT test scores and IQ. Intelligence applies to all skills, especially human skills such as reading, writing, social skills, artistic skills and many others. While tests may show certain race have a lower IQ on average, just like other aspects of what identifies a race, such as skin color, height, even penis size, it does not decide who is superior, and who is inferior. All races were well adapted to their own isolated environment. And now the world is a melting pot, so that by understanding the differences between races, it can be potentially very helpful.

I believe many people will still disagree. But one thing is interesting, in computer games, different races have different born abilities. Night elf have more spirit and agility and Tauren, which have more stamina and power. Perhaps, in order to be politically correct, we should not do science which could be taken advantage by racists, and games should create all races equal.

Talking about equal, equal does not need to be based on everyone is created identical. Some people are born to be artists, others engineers, other scientists.

The last thing is, scientifically, this “race and intelligence” hypothesis has not been proven wrong yet. So what if it is true? If you say it is false, I doubt any scientist can provide solid evidence either. If Africans are really genetically different, and the situation in Africa has its genetic basis, isn’t a good thing that now we know? So Africans can then improve themselves based on scientific facts. If scientists are not allowed to do this kind of research, we never know.

On the other hand, developed world do want Africa to be better right? Or are they afraid that Africa would find their way out?

Download the Watson Interview in PDF


1. 种族主义言论,比如对伊朗人的打击.

2. 机器人设计过于繁琐,这个在预告片出来的时候大家就质疑了.看了片子,每次Optimum prime给我眨眼睛我就受不了.那么多零件,太容易打坏了.

3. 居然有人夸奖Shia LaBeouf的演技?有没有搞错,没有见过真的有演技的吗??影片里面基本上大喊”NONONONONOOOO”不知道多少次.类似的叫喊语气也是滥用,从他老爸搞他开到Porche那里开始…

4. 搞笑有余,战斗不足,更无个性展现.确实除了Bumblebee和Frenzy其他机器人都毫无个性体现.Optimus Prime的主旋律演讲让人无语.Optimus Prime践踏花园更是多此一举,对于老大哥的个性体现没有丝毫正面意义. Quote “we see the robots destroy Shia’s family’s back yard (in a scene that goes on and on and on at painfullength)”.

5. “女主角”就是该片庸俗制片的罪恶代表.Quote “Not enough sex in the robot movie? Dress the teenage love-interest like a hooker and have the camera linger on her overly tan torso!” 当然此女确实算是Hottie,但是她对此片毫无真正贡献.不能因为是Hottie就成为艺术成就,想必大家都明白.

6. Bay has no discipline, no style, no concern for story, no sense of rhythm. He just piles on and plows ahead: big, dumb and loud. –qote again, nd I think it make sense. I felt no rhythm and all chaos through out the movie. Sometimes it is fun, but overall it is not too much fun, or not quite enjoyable. 故事情节太散,太多subplot,典型传说中的MB的不重视剧情的病症.就连小孩对老妈说”Mom, that’s cool!”都显得好老好老毫无新意完全predictable.

7. Sound engineers or the director made some bad choice. 机器人运动的音效实在让我难以忍受.特别是frenzy移动变形的时候.太别扭.一方面要体现它能够spy,一方面还要发出这么多”声音”而且别人还听不到…errr… what’s their problem??

8. Bottom line, there are things to enjoy in the movie. I had fun, but maybe half the fun I was expecting. Transformers is a disappointing movie. If everything they say about Michael Bay is true, I wish I had the right to vote for director.

Overall Rating from me C-, dissappointing, equal to something like 45/100.



Pixar做动物,做人物,都是研究得很透彻,整个活灵活现,非常有灵气(形成鲜明对比的是比如monster house之类的动画片).



A Black Female Teacher Thought Nikki Giovanni Might be the Biggest Loser?

Basically, Nikki seems to care about herself too much and used a lot of “I”. The video creator asked, would it be different if Nikki shared her life with Cho Seung-hui? Also, if Nikki was so wise to see the severe mental problem, why didn’t she remove him from the school instead of just her class?

Most importantly, it is said that many Black elites are actually far away from Black people; they don’t really know what is going on there but frequently pretend to know.

Or watch the video on YouTube, so you can rate and comment.

Cho Seung-hui: Chow Yun Fat wanna be? Or Not.

Washington Post has an article, seemingly focus on Cho’s Asian background. The article talked about possible movie influence on Cho Seung-hui. First Oldboy was discussed, but the author found it does not fit. Then he turned to John Woo(吴宇森) and movies with Chow Yun Fat(周润发), especially the movie “The Killer”.

This sounds like pure racial to me. Cho is asian, is Korean but that doesn’t mean he would watch Korea and Hong Kong violence movies. He has so many more violent movies made in USA as options. The author spend a lot of time analysing how similar Cho and Woo’s movies are. I was very disappointed to read this article. To me, violence are all the same.

Cho Seung-hui在高中的时候也被嘲笑

This blog entry is written in two languages. The title is:
Cho Seung-hui was laughed at in high school

“Go back to China!(滚回中国去)”,同学们喊到。His classmates yelled at him because he seemingly showed that his English is not good.

Most Americans would say that Cho is totally responsible for this tragedy and no one else should be blamed at all.

Americans argue that many kids were bullied, but they did not become a crazy killer. So bully is not the reason. But they would only discuss “bully”, they are reluctant to discuss the racism or something like that.

I read this on MITBBS posted by a Chinese who came to US since high school:

发信人: eeguy (lostsheep), 信区: Virginia
标 题: Re: 原来cho在高中经常被嘲笑,
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Apr 20 07:31:09 2007)

当即被同班一个美国同学笑,”everyone got it except the chinese”

虽然没有”go back to china”之类的伤人
所以我理解cho seung-hui被长期侮辱而导致心理极度扭曲


I generally translate it to english as following:

Being laughed at when you are a kid is not a big deal, you’ll forget it when you grow up
But being laughed at in high school would leave a psychological shadow on your mind
I came to US since high school, the first Math class, teacher let us play a game
I never played so I did not know the rules, so I did not figure out
I was immediately laughed at by one American classmate, “everyone got it except the chinese”
The whole class laughed
My English was quite good at that time, I can understand them very clearly.

Although this is not as bad as “go back to china”
But I was very angry, and I will remember
So I understand Cho Seung-hui was humiliated for a long time and his mind was deranged
But this should not be the reason for killing, I believe his family has quite a bit responsibility, they did not take good care of him

I do not understand American say that Cho’s the today(dead and criminal) is solely because of himself.

Virginia Tech Massacre by Cho Seung-hui and What went Wrong in America?

Basically I experienced the Virginia Tech Massacre on April 16th, 2007. I strongly condemn Cho Seung-huia and mourn the 32 innocent deceased. And I felt it is necessary for me to express my own opinions on this terrible tragedy.

Administration of Virginia Tech

Although more can be deserved, there was no way for Virginia Tech to foresee this tragedy. They should not be blamed for what happened. Even if they sent out the shooting email earlier, I would assume that most people would still consider the situation should be under control and still go to Norris Hall for classes. If classes were cancelled, Cho might still shoot people outside classroom, or in the dorm, or somewhere else.

Media Report

Media response is prompt. Coverage is huge. However the depth of the reports are mostly superficial. Reporters and talk show hosts quite frequently asked their questions in a way that tend to lure interviewees to answer questions the way the Network’s desired. For example, CNN frequently try to get answers like “I am very angry with Virginia Tech administration” or “I will transfer to another university”. Also, they fail to discuss the underlying possible causes of the tragedy. Even after AP reported that, according to Cho’s high school classmates, he was often bullied and laughed at, they are reluctant to discuss that the American society and culture played a role. I personally don’t believe Cho is a natural-born killer. I believe if people treated him differently or tried harder, this could have been prevented.

Virginia Tech Students and other Hokies

Virginia Tech students and other Hokies showed that Blacksburg is a strong community. I saw strong spirit. And I believe we will recover from the pain, remember our lost but move on strong.

Cho Seung-hui

Nikki Giovanni is a Horrible Person who does not deserve “Distinguished Professor” title

She first told the media that she immediately suspected that Cho was the shooter and would be surprised otherwise. And she called Cho as mean and troubled “crap”. She totally gave up on Cho and threatened to resign if he is not removed from her class. I understand that Cho was tough to handle, but Giovanni left so MUCH more to be desired. In another interview, she even describe Cho as “Bully”.

“I know that there’s a tendency to think that everybody can get counseling or can have a bowl of tomato soup and everything is going to be all right,” she said. “But I think that evil exists, and I think that he was a mean person.”

Giovanni encountered Cho only once after she removed him from class. She was walking down a campus path and noticed him coming toward her. They maintained eye contact until passing each other.

Giovanni, who had survived lung cancer, was determined she would not blink first.

“I was not going to look away as if I were afraid,” she said. “To me he was a bully, and I had no fear of this child.”

I was originally shocked to hear what she first said. Then I was even more shocked. Bully? Funny. Because according to Cho’s high school classmates, Cho was the underdog. And I believe that it is likely that Cho’s all kinds of experience are causes of what he has become, including Nikki Giovanni‘s cruelty, irresponsibility as a teacher, and pretence.

I think Giovanni just tried to be a heroine, who “fight” with this killer even before he became a killer, by removing him from class, and “would not blink first” while having “direct eye contact”. This is absolutely disgusting.

Giovanni also consider Cho’s writings as the following besides disturbing and violent, source from here:

His work had no meter or structure or rhyme scheme. To Giovanni, it was simply “a tirade.”

However it has been reported on MSNBC that the Prof. Lucinda Roy who helped Cho one-on-one found Cho as “intelligent” and “gifted writer”. She even gave Cho an “A”. Roy said, in the end, Cho managed to finish assignment and produce results. So I was wondering, if there are more professors here at Virginia Tech are like Prof. Lucinda Roy.

Is Cho a Victim Too?

To me, Cho seem to an victim too. Hey, I don’t mean his crime can be forgotten simply because he’s victim too. But when we cannot change what have happened, we should also look into the causes that made him such a terrible person. This is what American media fail to do. For exmaple, even there are already evidence to show that Cho was bullied, they are still saying that he just “imagined” all those enemies. Now some crappy psychiatrist is saying Cho is gay but he tried to disprove it by stalking girls. These are what American media are focused on right now.

Americans are just afraid to admit that Cho might the results of high school bullying and possibly racism as well. They would rather take him as natural-born killer, and the system in USA is perfect. But apparently many people, especially non-Americans, would think otherwise. But here is an example from someone’s blog, who was also been bullied when he was young. Americans just don’t want to face the fact, it seems. Cho was not alone.

I would say, Cho is also a victim. And he is victim before he committed crime. And victim of another kind after he became a criminal.

Again, being a victim does not make his crime go away. But it is sad.

What went wrong in America?

Possibly these are wrong:

  • Lack of effectuive gun control, especially on campus
  • Unwillingness to face racism or at least suppression upon Asian groups
  • Unwillingness to face the fact that Bullying in schools is a potential problem. Like they said, a lot of kids were bullied but they turned out to be fine. But we all know how crappy this argument is.
  • They tried to render Cho as natural-born killer and evil. They were simply avoid to explorer the social context a little further.

To End

We are all in sorrow. We are all shocked and we were not prepared. It is probably time to heal. But I believe we want to know why and need to learn. What’s the most important thing is that instead of just put all the responsibilities on Cho, we can reflect on ourselves.