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Social network

Marco brought this to my attention.

Yes I am fed up with the social networks of our time. Facebook continues to experiment on us, while collecting our behavior data for its own benefit: to maximize the time we spend on their; to show us things that it thinks we want to see; to hide things that it thinks we don’t want to see. Their ultimate goal is to make money. And there is a conflict of interest there. We are Facebook and Google’s product: they sell us to the advertisers. They have no moral baseline. If they are not-for-profit, the current scheme of things may be different. But I am optimistic that new things will arise.  Tent.io is a good idea but I don’t think it is ready yet. I hope in the future this blog and things can be integrated with tent, or something like that. In fact we can each afford to host our own site, and these sites can be connected with each other. We don’t have to sell ourselves to a single or a couple of companies.

WordPress is indeed much better than I first started using it. But my posts have gradually decreased over time. I do post often on Facebook and sometimes Twitter as well. But I never felt that I own my content. Facebook don’t even allow me to search my old posts. This annoys me greatly. Maybe they will bring this feature, but still, they own me on Facebook. I am going to strive to reduce my dependence on Facebook. If I want to talk about something, post something for my friends to see, I will try to post them here, and link on Facebook, until there is a better way for us to ping each other.

This reminds me of talking about how Apple could have changed social network with their iMessage platform. We know each other already, we have each other’s phone number. We can be automatically connected. Things can be shared. There does NOT need to be ads. No one need to collect our behavior in order to show us promotional materials. I would love to have that social network.

Interesting day

Talking about co-incidence.

I was wondering around on last.fm. Checked out an old “friend”‘s page there and clicked through a link, which inspired me to look up some groups. Then almost immediately I saw some picture familiar, which turned out to be someone from Blacksburg. Then I sent this person a message on both Facebook and last.fm.

Then I went to an old group I joined on last.fm, and noticed that the person who wrote Audioscrobber.app is the person behind Homebrew which I have been trying to use to replace Macports.

And this person recommended Braid, which intrigued me for a while. And then I noticed that the character in Braid is redhead. I don’t really care about blonds, but I have been intrigued by redheads recently. Anyways, I missed the humble bundle 2, but I bought Braid for $5 just to check it out from Steam. I am not a huge game fan, but I probably get bored some time and will play it.