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Gymnastic Age Controversy is Suggestive

BBC reported:

Chinese coach Lu Shanzhen said new documents were handed to the organisation on Thursday in an effort to dispel any doubts about the age of gold medallist He Kexin.
The items, including an old passport, a residency card, and her current identity card were issued by various departments of the Chinese government.

Today this issue made headline of many US media (again). NYT, for example, don’t even provide these above detailed info, apparently for their own reasons, considering how concerned they are.

Still, even if the age is not real, it is basically impossible to prove it, all the legal documents are provided by China.

And the reality of this world actually taught China to be “shameless” if you want to be world power. Like, admitting that Iraq has no MDW and that’s “false intelligence” and still will stay there for victory like they did nothing wrong. Also the rules of games are always set by the stronger party, which are often “fair” for the stronger party. Even though China is the host, IOC and such has actually decreased or restricted programs that China can win gold. No restriction on how many programs one can take part in swimming.

What we’ve seen in this year is really disappointing. It feels like US is indeed going downwards economically and also in terms of confidence. They have to keep doing all these to keep their citizens feel they are still so much more advanced than China… Unfortunately this is “ostrich policy” because their advantages have always been decreasing for the past 50 years… They just don’t want to acknowledge that…