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Ad that Copies Everything Bjork

I saw this ad on adsoftheworld.com and I am posting the youtube version of the video here. First of all, it basically copies everything from Bjork. Evidence follows.

First, All is Full of Love music video.

Oceania music video.

Hidden Place, music video
Hidden Place

Also the bear reminds of the bear in Human Behavior.

So basically people who did not know about Bjork were saying how awsome this video is, how the author is genius. Well, the author is not. He/she simply steals, well, at least copies other people’s ideas. The worst is, copied from basically one, single, creative, artist, Bjork. I feel so sorry.

Sufjan Stevens is amazing

Have I ever talked about Sufjan Stevens here before? I don’t remember but he is truly amazing. If you have not heard his music, try now, you may like it. Check this out. This is going to be a song in his next album. Name of this song, Majesty Snowbird.

Or these two, different Live versions, but basically sound the same.

He seem always wear that shirt and that wings.
Sounds very good. Looking forward to his next album. Maybe I should write something about his older music too. But I just got to know him, need some time.