iTunes PLUS or Used CD?

Since the announcement of iTunes PLUS, I have decided not to buy any music from iTunes which are protected by DRM. And I did have bought some iTunes PLUS music. Anyway, I had over $50 store credit I have to use, or it is nothing because I cannot get refund from iTunes for store credit.

However, sometimes it is much cheaper to buy used CD. Some used CDs can be as low as $0.99 + $2.99 shipping. And you get the physical CD and, most of the time, CD book/artwork. And you can put these as decoration at home, as well as showcase for your music taste. So, why not? It is definitely good.

However, compared used CD to eMusic, I would still download from eMusic because it is even cheaper. Faster.

Still, I have some collection of CDs that I am proud of. What I need now is a CD shelf, artistic one.

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