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CrashPlan.app somehow make its app folder not immutable, so that sometimes it causes problem when deleting it from Time Machine backups.

I am somehow having problem on El Capitan 10.11 beta that local Time Machine backups are taking all my spaces. So I disabled it but have problem emptying the trash. And it is CrashPlan.app.

This is the command to use:

> chflags noschg CrashPlan.app # this removes system immutable flag

> chflags nouchg CrashPlan.app # this removes the user immutable flag

In my case I used chflags -R noschg/nouchg .Mobilebackup.trash

Finally got my SSD space back.


Mac开启了back to my mac的话,你的Mac已经获取了一个icloud网址。


dns-sd -E

-> btmm
–> members
—> ##########




Turn your Mac into a WebDAV server

Good news is that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will no longer have a server version. Instead all the server tools will be included in the typical version of Mac OS X.

But strangely, despite Apple’s support for WebDAV across Mac OS X and iOS devices, it is not possible to easily turn your Mac into a WebDAV server. For example, the iWorks app on iPad can export files to WebDAV server. But there is no easy way to export it directly to your Mac, because even though in “sharing” settings you can share your files by AFP, FTP or Samba(Windows), you cannot set up WebDAV share.

So I found this tutorial that have easy to follow steps to turn your Mac into a WebDAV server. Of course if you do not have a static IP address or domain name, you will be in more trouble but I am not going to cover that aspect. I have confirmed that it works with iOS iWork apps. Unfortunately it seems the folder has to be in /Library/WebServer/WenDAV. Luckily you can always hard link it to your working folder somewhere else.